36 37 from: NKStar to: MRaym subject: from the ashes My committee meeting felt like boxing. The difference being that boxing involves a match between the defending champ and the chal- lenger. My contest involved challenging three champions all at the same time. Six weeks of preparation, and still I left feeling knocked down. Defeated. So I was down for the count. All the way down. I am certain that my response was as much out of ego, lack of humility, and pride, as it was from disorientation. How confusing for me to be running at full speed in a northerly direction and to feel myself suddenly pulled around toward a completely southerly course. One teacher thought that I should abandon the large prints in favor of a video version so as to be more contemporary, not just one more doc- umentary. Though I think there is merit to this idea, you should have seen me come home and terrorize my studio by storming through and putting away all traces of the process involved in making big prints: down came the lines used for hanging prints, the 50”x70” drying screens, and the eighteen cinder blocks used for print washing. from: NKStar to: MRaym subject: visitations Last night I was able to hear my friend from school who is a nun from Viet Nam pray. She came down with pancreatic cancer at age 36, six years ago. When she recovered from surgery, she decided to go back to school and study art and art history. She is fragile, and everyone at school goes out of their way to help her. I gave her a ride home from school last night so that she didn’t have to ride two buses for an hour and a half. She arrived home just in time for her 7 p.m. prayers. I prayed with her for a while on my own, and then made a few photos of her, which she was happy to have done. There must be something about spiritual people for me. The spiritual person in me is hungry for companionship and support, I sup- pose.While photographing her, I realized how much I miss my visits with you. How lovely to find your letter awaiting me this morning. Write back when you have the chance; I’d love some feed back about the couple of ques- tions I wrote you. I so enjoy your writing and thinking. A little bird is chirping away on my window ledge, just a few feet away. He sends his best to you, too. See you soon, Annie